High and low tech

This is an Ericsson from 1966. I think we replaced ours in the early 80’s

Listen to comedian Louis C.K. talked about how much had changed in his life, and he’s not a very old man.

Most people my age remember the old phone where you dial by turning a disk (hence the word dial, I suppose), and if no one answered, there wasn’t more you could do. Then you knew that the person probably wasn’t home, because in those days people always answered if they were home. After all, long before caller-id they couldn’t know who were calling. Today we have a complete meltdown if we do not get a reply immediately or if something doesn’t work after 5 seconds.

What I noticed particularly in this interview was a passenger who sat next to Louis on a flight. Internet was a brand new service on flights and no one had experienced this fantastic offer before. After a short while, the net went offline. That’s not uncommon with new things, especially when you’re 30,000 feet above the ground. There are always some bugs in the system. However, this passenger was annoyed at losing something that had not been available to him some minutes earlier. His journey should not have been any different than all the other trips he had had before, bur apparently it was.

It’s not just the technology that has changed. Technology has changed us humans too.

I notice that I have very little patience and this development is almost as fast as with the airline passengers. I was very restless one evening last winter when the power was gone for 3-4 hours. That was a seriously waste of energy! We had enough food and wood to keep the house warm, and everything was perfect. I was still pretty upset and reacted with irritation at first, but eventually calmed down and read a book.

How is it with old and new technology for you, and then I think most in terms of entertainment? Do you become easily dependent or can you be without it for a night?


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