The quest for happiness

There are not many original ideas on TV. The channels constantly borrow from one another. A hot topic at the moment is the pursuit of happiness. I haven’t seen any of these programs myself, but I know there have been several on Norwegian channels this autumn.

Today I quickly browsed through the channels and found the same concept on Swedish TV. The idea is for a host to do different things in order to find happiness.

I read a blog entry tonight where the blogger quoted the author Viktor Frankl :

” Success, like happiness, can not be pursued, it must ensue … In the long run, success will follow you precisely because you had forgotten to think about it. ”

I also made another new blog acquaintance tonight, A housewife’s confessions . This Norwegian blogger wrote about making peace with life .

The housewife had some of the same ideas as Viktor Frankl, namely that the results can be amazing, but it is also important to enjoy what happens along the way. There are probably many who really have a good life, but still struggle with enjoying what they have.

This sounds great, but I’m finding it hard making peace. I spend quite a bit of time thinking back to days when life was good, and I feel a little bitter because I kind of have flown through a constant turbulence in the past ten years. There’s probably a correlation between success, happiness and meaning. In my case life hasn’t developed the way I wanted because other people have made ​​drastic intervention in my family’s happiness. We are expected to smile and pretend that everything is hunky-dory.

I wish I could enjoy my road to success, as much as the success itself, but the road starts getting pretty long now. It is quite possible that success is on its way, and that the result will be surprising and quick. I haven’t seen any of these programs and can’t bear to either. They tend to give the impression that it is so easy, but I have a different experience of it.

But there is one thing that makes me happy. I love writing and my process will hopefully end with me getting to use the written language full time. Written language is my voice. It might sound grandiose and egotistical, but I think this is what I’m intended to do. It’s not quite hopeless and pitched-dark, because even when I feel low, it makes a lot of sense writing.

I can’t a imagine how my life would be if I didn’t write.

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