Veritas et Aeuqtias

Truth and justice.

Communism is the idea of a free society with no division. I believe the original philosophy talked about an order with no government. That was clearly too optimistic on behalf of men, and today we think of communism as the oppressors this philosophy was supposed to rid the world of.

Socialism is an ideology that aims for financial equality between the members of society.  A basic thought for this ideology is the state or a collective owning the means of production. It’s mostly about economics, like capitalism, but a lot more fair. Today most of the industry has been privatised and the government encourage innovation and private enterprise.

Norway is a socialist country. That means that we have more equality than many others. It’s a combination of communist and capitalist ideology, but fully democratic and with enough oportunities for individualism, creativity and profit.

I have listened to some conspiracy theorists on you tube lately. Jim Marrs is one of those that have some good ideas, although even he tends to present speculation as fact, but I can’t agree with everything. He is most known for his work on the John F. Kennedy-murder, which inspired Oliver Stone for his film JFK. Jim Marrs also makes a lot of stabs at socialism. Having grown up in a socialist country, I don’t think our political system is so bad. I think it’s the best system for a larger part of the population than any other political system. What he is talking about is a development towards a one world government. He thinks there is a growing clandestine world and quickly diminishing opposition, and I think he sees this as socialism. The problem isn’t the philosophy behind our political system, but the fact that the vast majority are allowing a few people of all political systems free rein. The international intelligence community is a good example of that.

Socialism is a natural idea, however, if you want a just society, and there is quite a bit of it in the United States. In fact, it might be what has created the truthseeking-community Jim Marrs and Richard Dolan, which I have blogged about before, are a part of.

Library. This is an institution where rich and poor, man and woman, black and white can go and read books of all genres, as well as newspapers and journals. This institution might be an enemy of the capitalist system, because it exposes liars, but it is very pro-democracy. It’s just like the time of Enlightenment when people started reading the Bible, as well as other books. They saw for themselves that the Church had not been entirely accurate. It was illegal in those days for others than ordained priests to preach, but the new knowledge could not be stopped. Many went to prison for it, but it was too late to kill the seed of knowledge. That was good socialism, and some took this socialism to America.

We still see some socialist ideas in the US.

Education. This is similar to the library. If you don’t want a democracy. If you want a clandestine world, then you deny people education. You don’t allow poor people to go to school and you certainly won’t allow other than privileged white men into schools. Education would only make them see how injust the world is. That might even make a major part of the population agree that it’s not good for the country to lose a lot of the brain power to poverty and lack of medical treatment. They might even revolt because this isn’t fair. That’s a good enough reason for the few to put in obstacles and make education hard to get. Many want education to be more accessible, however. That sounds like a socialist idea to me.

Natural disasters. What happens when there is a disaster, like a tornado or hurricane? People start asking for help from the government. The same thing happens during financial problems. That’s the way it should be, but it is a very socialist idea. In a country that is really passionate about its hate of socialism, one might expect the president to give the folloing response: “Sorry, but America is a capitalist society. We are not going to sneak socialism in the back door, so I’m afraid you are on your own.” I suspect that would be tempting, but they haven’t gone there yet.

Health. Americans often talk about socialism as the worst possible plague when someone mentions health care. It’s in the elites interest to keep poor people poor and desperate. If poor people used these liberties to improve their situation by taking full advantage of the public library, the education system and a free health system (if that existed), there would be more people better off. Even with limited freedom many are rising on the social ladder, but it’s hard. Many good brains are forced to give up. If that didn’t happen who do you think would pick up the rich peoples garbage, mop floors, drive taxis etc?

Some people talk about conspiracy. At least in this country that is the quickest way of losing credibility. No one wants to hear about the things that are concealed, even when we are talking about things you can easily deduce based on available facts. I believe the conspiracy about a small minority having most of the wealth, and using their power to keep the rest in place, has some merit.

I started writing about Jim Marrs. I think he’s wrong about his scepticism to socialism. The way I see it pure capitalism cannot be democratic, and communism can’t be socialist. The problem we are seeing now is worldwide. Even here in Norway where kids don’t grow up with a disadvantage, the apathy is widespread. Something is clearly happening. The overall result is that a vast majority are not asking questions about what a small minority is doing. We’d rather not know. We expect the people of power to automatically do the right thing, to make the decsisions that would benefit most of us, and not just the super-rich. The  truth is that they are not going to unless we make them. It is our job to make them do the job we elected them to do. The old checks and balances doesn’t work anymore. We have an expression for that in Norwegian, we’ve put the goat to watch the sack of oats.

It reminds me of Harry Potter. Everybody was so sure that Harry and Professor Dumbledore were wrong when they said that Voldemort was back. It was all in their heads. After recent years’ development, especially the financial crisis, I don’t think we should be as naive as we are. Whether we believe in capitalism, communism or the middle road, socialism, I believe many in real life will get the  same shock as the minister of magic in Harry’s fictional realm:


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