The food pushers

A pusher is a dealer in the illegal drug trade. It’s a pusher’s job to recruit new users of addictive substances in order to stimulate increased consumption and turnover. They are pushing shit whether it’s food or drugs.

If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

I just came across the yogurt brand Chobani. They’ve been criticised for the slogan Nature got us to 100 calories, not scientists.

This has made many people, especially science and its disciples, quite annoyed. Chobani argued that by cutting out the science and using only natural ingredients, they have reduced the contents of a 150 gram yoghourt to 100 calories. It wouldn’t have surprised me if they accomplished this partly by reducing the size of the cup as well. In comparison, the fruit yoghurts from the Norwegian brand Tine have 93 calories per 100 grams.

They are supposed to have achieved this by using “evaporated cane juice sugar”. One of the companies that make this product, Florida Crystals, describes it as “a natural sweetener with dark golden hues and a sweet sugarcane flavor.” U.S. Sugar Corporation doesn’t make this product, but on its website they describe the production of regular sugar. One of the processes is evaporating where they remove the water. It appears, in other words, like “evaporated cane juice sugar” is just a way to hide the fact that they have used white sugar. There is in any case a woman in California who has sued Chobani for not calling it sugar.

chobani yoghurt
Chobani didn’t excactly hit the nail on the head with their attack on the science driven industry they are a part of themselves.
Photo: Chobani

In the U.S., they love to use corn syrup in soft drinks and other beverages, while in Europe we use sugar. The difference is not very big, but big enough. Plain white sugar is 50% glucose and 50 fructose, while a common type of corn syrup has 45% glucose and 55% fructose (but there are many types with different relationships between these two). I do not know the details, but know that it is important to have a balance of fructose and glucose. All humans have a limited capacity to absorb fructose, but many don’t experience symptoms. If people use the same amount of each, they’ll usually be fine, even for those who have very unpleasant symptoms, such as irritable bowel syndrome.

Today there are many who have gone over to a gluten-free diet, whether they need it or not. I am one of those who do it because it’s necessary, but it is not easy to read content lists. Many gluten-free products contain wheat starch and transgenic corn starch. I, have even seen some products that contain both regular corn starch and modified corn starch. I have seen many sites that provide gluten-free counsel, say that modified corn starch is gluten-free, but that’s a truth with some modification as well.

It’s almost impossible to stay completely away from it, because almost everything contain corn starch, but I try to restrict it as much as possible. In addition to that, I do not know what consequences manipulated food can have on the body, this ingredient also contain starch from wheat. The reason this is used so extensively is because it is cheap. Modified corn starch has the property that it can make a product stiffer/ make food more stable and counteract processes that make something more fluid. It is used widely in processed foods, and for that reason it is unfortunate. I do not know enough about this, but wonder if they cut out something more nutritious because the product gets the same consistency with modified starch anyway.

I wish I had some answers, but I’ve mostly just got questions. The food industry is really a mafia business. They are producing ever-more food that costs less and less. They do this by replacing the nutritious ingredients with something less nutrient. It’s no wonder we get sick. I read in a Norwegian news paper recently that Stein Erik Hagen is going to advice the government on losing weight. This man has made a lot of money on processed food, first as the owner of one of the largest chains of grocery stores, and later as chairman of the board of the largest producer of processed food. He is also the main financial contributor to the Conservative Party. Is this the correct way to do it?

Chobani had to withdraw its slogan, but it is unfortunately a common tactic that healthy food is nothing but poison being pushed by the equivalent of drug cartels. That doesn’t mean all food is toxic, but it is becoming increasingly difficult for the body to deal with what we eat. Why couldn’t the government make it harder to lie, and not only discuss whether it should impose a tax on white sugar? (that is frequently discussed by Norwegian politicians)

It should be unecessary to keep the diet people lived on 100 years ago in order to have a reasonably normal life, but it is to some people.



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