Alternative headline: The Semantics of Murder 

Do you remember Weird Al Yankovic? He specialized in humorous versions of songs that other artists had had success with in the past, but it was far from the same song. In Weird Al’s version the song was usually a satirical comments on everything that happened in popular culture.

He’s back and I think he’s going to release a new album soon. He has published a couple of videos this summer suggesting it. This time bad grammar and spelling on social media irritates him.


This was far from weird. He is actually very reasonable in this version of Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines.” Most Americans would otherwise recognize the image above as Merriam Webster, the most popular dictionary in the United States.

What do you think? I probably have some minor flaws here and there, but mostly oversights. Do you get annoyed when you see the most hopeless mistakes on blogs and other social media platforms, or when the author isn’t being critical enough to his/her own words and ideas? That may be a problem we all face, because we can not expect everyone to like everything, or be concerned with the same things we think are important, but most of us know well enough when we should censor ourselves. What about the stores? I have seen many typos on various posters that I did not think it was possible to do.

A former colleague of mine was known for entering his 5th graders in a science contest. One year they discovered that their new books in the subject Norwegian had some errors. They decided to go through the whole book and found over 70 of them.

Don’t you find it irritating when even a serious publisher can’t correct these mistakes before they publish the book? Would that make you stop reading or not enjoy the book? Did the author actually murder rather than create ideas?

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