Liberal utopianism

I have been listenning some to christian authors like L. A. Marzulli, Tom Horn and Chris Putnam recently. They are a part of a group that are often guests at the same radio shows that also talk about UFOs and conspiracy theories. They have many different ideas and some of them corelate with my own way of thinking, such as transhumanism, wars and rumours of wars (as stated in Matthew 24:6), analysis of international politics and relations etc. Just to make one thing clear; there are some that feel they have to debunk these authors because they write about some pretty incredible topics (like nephilim, aliens, demons and the importance of Christians to pay attentions to these things). I am not one of them.

These are well qualified men that know what they are talking about. I value many of their opinions, but there are still some analysis I’m not sure about. One of them concerns Obama. I agree with them that he’s not a good president, but not necessarily that he’s worse than for instance W, or that he’s really in control. I do agree that the president we are struggling with now hasn’t been what everybody expected, but did this start with him? Was the world safer under the Bush family? I believe the opinion expressed on several of these shows is that Bush had a plan, Obama doesn’t. That might be true. Well, I’m not especially equipped to analyse this, but this is how I see it.

Bush was in some ways a game changer. His Bush Doctrine or preemptive strike was a break from the deterrence and containment of the past. The new politics was to use any means available to attack first, and thus prevent the enemy from striking. The spread of democracy is supposedly a part of this strategy. This was controvercial, and in some countries, like Somalia, the U.S. hired terrorists to do the job. They have been using the same strategy in Syria, but there have been reports suggesting that the US-armed rebels are changing side to IS. The USA also have allies that aren’t exactly nice to its own people, such as Saudi Arabia.

Then we have the 911 and the loss of civil liberties. This included tapping your phone and even monitoring who loaned “dangerous” books from the library. Incidentally, I wrote several posts about banned books a while back, and the list include books on social and racial inequality, so dangerous doesn’t necessarily mean what you think it does (one of these posts was Vanishing books). The question of what or who a patriotic American was, became a little confusing to a European like me at least. I like what America used to be. Does it mean that I’d be an enemy if I wanted a return to traditional values?

What happened after 9/11 can best be decribed as stretching the limits or definition of what human rights are and how we should treat prisoners. But the fact that Bush chose to keep Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney in his government, and the fact that Colin Powell misled the UN when he claimed that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, may have been just as controvercial.

After this it shouldn’t come as a surpsrise that most people wanted to get the Republicans out of office. I read a U.S. poll just before George Bush ended his 2nd term in office. It stated that 70 % of the people asked didn’t like the way he did his job. Some say that Obama has gone farther by approving military operations without asking Congress. I’m conflicted about that myself, but I believe this is being allowed because of the presedence Bush created. That’s why the Republican indictment charges probably won’t go anywhere.

But this isn’t just the USA. This is a problem all over the western world, and it has to do with the development of liberalism and rejection of our own traditions.

Classical liberalism is a philosophy committed to the ideal of limited government and liberty of individuals including freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly, and free markets.

Liberalism is dominating within political philosophy today, but there are many different directions. There does, however, seem to be a general agreement that political correctness is important.  Most of us are against communism, and some even against socialism, but nevertheless we are moving fast towards the same values. We are moving away from religion and the protestant ethics that have shaped us and kept us honest. I have come across people that have convinced themselves that they didn’t learn ethics from anywhere. It just magically appeared, but there’s no doubt that society has been helped by Christianity’s emphasis on principals like you shouldn’t lie, steal and kill, but you should treat other people and cultures with respect.

I’m not sure what happened, but liberalism today seems to mean that we have a strong centralised state and no opposition. We have to be so politically correct that we are wrong. There is a belief that if we shape everyone in our image, we’re going to live happily ever after. The problem is that the western democracy, which isn’t democratic anymore, isn’t the best solution everywhere. I have heard some refer to this as liberal utopianism.

This is an ideology that has replaced God with man as the center of the universe. There is also a tendency towards a hierarchical thinking where we have different levels of indegenous people at the bottom and we westerners are always at the top. When we think of how the world should develop, we use us as the standard. The other countries and cultures should have our version of the classic liberal traits (freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly, free markets etc.), but a western democracy and capitalism without its traditional values, its morality, its religion (especially protestant ethics) will only promote greed, selfishness and a constant hunger for property. The result will degrade us and corrupt solidary in society. I have mentioned in previous posts that it’s probably never been more dangerous to be poor than it is today, and that is largely because of this lack of solidarity. You can’t count on the government to help, and maybe not even your neighbours or church.

I agree that Obama deserves criticism, just as Jens Stoltenberg does (former Norwegian prime minister of 8 years and present general secretary of NATO). I am sorry to say that Norway has helped making the world instable and turning the arab spring into a very cold and hostile winter. I am sorry we can’t have more respect for these cultures, and of course our own. Believing in individual freedom, free election and politicians that listens to the will of the people, human rights, religious freedom etc. seems to be vanishing. Here is an interesting comparison: Adolf Hitler was originally elected for the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei, suggesting it was a party of the people. We vote for our leaders today as well, but that doesn’t mean their politics is the will of the people.

willy brandt
Willy Brandt via Wikimedia commons

I have written about the war before, like in Remembrance culture, and I’d like to mention one of the heroes from that time. Willy Brandt was an interesting character. He came to Norway as a refugee in 1933, lost his German citizenhip in 1938, but went back to Germany to take part in the resistance. He was wearing a Norwegian military uniform when he was arrested in Norway in 1940. He escaped and worked as a journalist from Sweden producing news that were smuggled into Norway. He later became mayor of West Berlin and chancellor of West Germany. If enough people had shown such courage, things could have looked very different.

I feel that we are in Germany in 1938 right now. The election was a single question referendum. They could vote yes or no to the nazi candidates. They voted yes, and we all know what happened the following year. I believe we are at the same turning point again. The political power is becoming more centralised, elitist and authoritarian. Some countries are just as morally corrupt as the Romans or the Nazis.

We need to do things different from 1938. We need to speak and act. World War 2 could have been prevented in 1938. We need to pay attention this time. The first thing we need to do is stop watching mainstream media. They have become an enemy of freedom and truth. I encourage people to use internet and find alternative news outlets. I don’t agree with everything the mentioned authors are saying and writing. No one is correct about everything, but they are well worth listenning to.

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