You don’t know squat!

movie poster Prometheus
The movie Prometheus has used a theory that is getting more and more support, that aliens created us. There are also people talking about these aliens being our gods. This seems to be an idea many are open to, but it’s still a theory without any evidence to back it up.
Wikimedia commons

I like science and I usually try to be objective and logical. That doesn’t mean I always am, but I believe I am most of the time. Still, it constantly amazes me how little we know. Just as an example, evolution makes sense, but the evidence isn’t very impressive. Most people just accept it as truth, but when I observe nature, there seems to be a plan, a purpose, some sort of design behind life. This is just an observation. It surprises me how scientists can observe something else, or to put it another way, how they can run much faster than the tracks they are following. We all tick differently, I guess.

There isn’t much I like watching on TV, partly because everyone is into reailty shows, even the science and history channels, but there are some programs I watch occassionally. I have to admit they aren’t any better than the regular reality shows, but they fascinate and entertain me for a short while. I guess I have an irrational side after all. After a few weeks, even these programs bore me, however.

I had a period when I watched UFO programs. Then I heard about chem trails, planet x, different NASA-cosnpiracies, the resignation of Pope Benedict, new world order, Hitler supposedly escaped World War 2, freemasons, what happened to the Knights Templar etc. Some of these theories are intriguing, but finding solid evidence for or against them is hard. I accidentally discovered an Animal Planet-show about Bigfoot hunters a couple of weeks ago. It amused me for a while, but I’m tired of it now.

I guess these stories never really go away because we don’t really know much, but it irritates me how some of these so called serious channels present something speculative like this. In Finding Bigfoot there is a team of 4, three men and a woman. The woman is a sceptic while the men have the “Fox Mulder-syndrome.” They have been searching for 25 years and in every single episode they tell the vitnesses that it was definately a “squatch” they had seen. In one episode they came across a small depression in the soil. One of them concluded that this was made by a squatch less than 24 hours ago. I assume these beasts kill animals for food and that they eventually die themselves, so presumably there would be some evidence. When for instance bear and wolves kill animals, such as sheep, it’s pretty obvious. Isn’t it a little strange that bigfoot never leaves behind anything, not even its own carcas? I’m not trying to be funny, but I am sceptical.

Many of the UFO shows have the same dramaturgy. It’s a team where one of its members appear to be a sceptic, but they are all very cordial and at the end the sceptic is often convinced. In one episode there was a black helicopter that passed through the area. It didn’t look especially suspicious, but the team started running while they were shouting “black ops” and the possibility of spending 20 years in a federal prison. I believe this was a part of creating drama. The viewer was being manipulated.

They are talking to witnesses in all these programs, and that leads to an interesting question: What did the witness see?

The witnesses don’t necessarily lie. I think a police officer would probably tell you that witnesses could give a very different account of what happened in a traffic accident or a crime. This is especially true if they feel threatened, so if you think you are standing face to face to a bigfoot or an alien, your senses may very well give you the wrong information.

There is a group of people I dislike almost as much as networks that present these programs as reality and even science, and that’s debunkers. I’m not trying to debunk or mess with people’s beliefs. I am mostly irritated with the people that take advantage of witnesses and others that believe or want to believe. I do, however, encourage all viewers of these programs to think critically. Then you are more likely to discover when people lie and manipulate you. It is interesting sometimes to speculate, however.

Is there another possibility? If there is a bigfoot and these animals don’t leave any traces of its existence, are there any other possibilities?

There are some UFO-sightings that can’t be explained. Are there any other explanations/theories?

I find that speculation more interesting than setting out to prove that believers are crazy or gullible. What if everything we’ve been told is wrong? Maybe truth died a long time ago? I wish the science and history channels weren’t so focused on tabloid journalism. It’s interesting that some people find my belief in God to be irrational while they seem to ignore the fact that scientists frequently have an agenda. There is a strong element of belief in science too.

4 thoughts on “You don’t know squat!

  1. It was none other than Socrates who said that he knew nothing at all. Perhaps, the truth, then, has always been hidden but we have deluded ourselves into thinking that we know more than Socrates. By the way, Einstein believed that one should look deep into Nature in order to understand everything better.

  2. Good point about the element of belief required in the field of science.

    The popularity of the Western postmodern trend of relativism and skepticism has been devastating to our moral and spiritual sense of direction. It seems to have affected our ability to conduct meaningful study of the world around us, as well.

    We are allowed to entertain whatever beliefs we wish, but are also told that a profession of certainty is arrogant. This places a lot of social pressure on those who hold firmly to an understanding of the existence of any form of absolute truth.

    Of course, none of us will be able to claim to possess all knowledge. But that does not mean that we cannot experience assurance regarding certain important matters.

    There are some UFO-sightings that can’t be explained. Are there any other explanations/theories?

    Absolutely. Bigfoot, UFO/aliens, paranormal activity etc …all of these phenomena could easily be explained by the dynamic existence of (typically) undetected spiritual entities such as angels/demons.

    Maybe truth died a long time ago?

    Truth is alive and still speaks into our existence. We just need to be willing to listen.

    1. Ain’t it the truth? Ain’t it the truth?
      Incidentally, The Wizard of Oz was the first film my mother watched in the theater. It’s still speaking and I must have watched it a hundred times with my daughter. Some people without brain still do an awful lot of talking, to quote Scarecrow. Hopefully that’s not me all the time.

  3. I agree. I am always after the real mysteries of life both present and the past, but please no more silly stories.

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