Ikke bra med krig

Mange dør i krig. Det er veldig synd.
Bestefaren min døde .

Many die in war. That is a shame.
My grandfather died.

My 10 year old daughter likes to blog. She likes doing what her father is doing and blogging is something I encourage her to do. She also likes to “loan” my cell phone and she is pretty good at navigating it. This morning I supervised her while she posted this to my blog.

She wrote this on her own blog first. I created one for her before Christmas. Technically it’s my blog as I have the password and administer it, but she is the writer. I think her teacher has been talking to her class about war, and it’s something we talk about at home too. She seems to think a lot about the family members she never got to meet. They didn’t exactly die in World War 2, but that little detail doesn’t seem important to her at the moment.

This post is a version of one she wrote in December last year, Don’t Need Weapons. She also used her blog to write about how she felt about moving from Nordland to Rogaland county (about 1400 km) last summer.

I decided not to delete this because it might be a little intro to my next post. Heather asked me to write something about autism and intervention. I’ll come back to that in a day of two.


5 thoughts on “Ikke bra med krig

  1. bold text is mine


    “it’s about getting him to behave and express himself when he doesn’t want to do things, rather than just throwing a temper tantrum,”

    “He also excels at drawing and painting. Art gives the students a way to express themselves,”

    “With autism, one of the hallmarks is a compromised skill of communication. When a child doesn’t speak, we need to provide as many ways to communicate as possible,” she said. “The art is wonderful. It gives the kids a chance to present the ability side of the disability.”

  2. Hello young lady,

    I like your blog post. Please keep writing! The more you write, the better you will get. 🙂

    your “Aunt Jay”

  3. I have shared my daughter’s blog on facebook several times, where most of my friends are relatives, because I wanted them to encourage her to write. As you can see there has been no response. Google won’t translate her blog properly because her spelling isn’t correct. So you may not understand it, but it would be nice if she got some likes. So I encourage people reading this to take a minute to visit Tarisais skriveloft.

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