Something Old, Something New

I naturally hope that everything I write will be read and shared long after I published the text, but that doesn’t happen most of the time.  It did this year, though. The first four posts on this year’s top five list on my Norwegian blog were written between 2012 and 2014. This was less noticeable on this blog, but the most popular post this year was still written in January 2012. I had just started blogging then and was more or less like an apprentice.

Bicycle police and the Dangers of Bike Riding has irritated me the whole year because I wasn’t pleased with it, but it has been read throughout the year. I had plans to revise it, but never got around to it. I have focused on my Norwegian blog in previous years, but started working more on this blog in 2015. It’ll be interesting to see if the work I have done this year will pay off next year.

I should perhaps listen to my readers, even though I wouldn’t think these posts were me at my best. I will consider writing more on these topics and the most popular topics on my Norwegian blog, which were a little different. My most popular posts there dealt with autism, The Child Protections Services, religion and child abuse. I also wrote a lot about the refugee crisis, which is not something Norwegians want to deal with. But of course a very silly post about riding a bicycle is widely read.

Here are the top 5 posts for 2015:

  1. Bicycle Police and the Dangers of Bike Riding (2012)
  2. Biblical Speculations (2015)
  3. Classic Books (2015)
  4. What is NLD? (2015)
  5. God’s Feminism (2015)

There were a number of posts that followed very close behind number five. These were the closest contenders:

Game Boy (2012)
Low-Tech Communication (2015)

It’s been a good year in the garret and I hope the progress will continue in 2016. I thank everyone that has read my blog this year. Welcome back next year.

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