Too hot for the cooler

billie burke and juydy garland from the wizard of oz
Glinda the good witch told Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz that only bad witches are ugly. Is it that simple? Photo. Wikimedia Commons

I grew up watching Star Trek and I am still a huge fan, but there are moments when I want to slap the writers. The no money-society was a major theme from the start, and as late as in First Contact Captain Jean-Luc Picard was still saying things like “the acquisition of wealth is no longer the  driving force of our lives. We work to better ourselves and the rest of humanity.”

I am sure that’s very political correct and it would be a good idea to really try our best, but that’s not quite how it works. I think the physicist Michio Kaku said once that prodigies are dime a dozen in physics, and he is correct. Most of the geniuses remain anomonous their entire career because less promising students improve more, and probably play the game of office politics better. I’m not saying we should try to be unpopular, but no matter what the reason for the popularity is, it’s not going to be enough.

It clearly works for a select few and I guess that’s why many try the same  strategy. The problem most run into is the lack of skills, because attractive people who succeed can’t rely on popularity alone. They need both. There are studies showing that attractive people have a better chance at job interviews, they get promotion sooner and are paid more than their coworkers. They still have to qualify for the job, though. Attractive people also have a way of getting out of trouble, and I suspect there’s been quite a few women that have talked themselves out of a speeding ticket for example.

Money helps too of course. Walmart heiress Alice Walton has been involved in at least four car incidents according to her Wikipedia article. The charges after the most recent incident were dropped in 2013 after the highway patrol officer who pulled her over had been suspended and couldn’t testify. Read about it in Daily Mail. That could of course just be a coincidence, but it looked suspicious when a 16 year old boy from a wealthy family in Texas killed four people in a traffic accident. He was sentenced to ten years probation. I wonder what lesson he learned. Read about it in Time.

Sooner or later most people run out of luck. Are we wrong to send criminals to prison when they are attractive? It’s a ridiculous question, but judging from the reaction after Sarah Seawright’s mugshot found its way to social media, I guess many people would say no. People seemed to think it was wrong to punish a beautiful woman.

There’s a case that Norwegian newspapers report on from time to time. The Norwegian woman Madeleine Rodriguez has been locked up in a Bolivian prison since 2008. She was caught trying to smuggle 20 kg of cocaine together with two friends. The two other women escaped and came back to Norway where a Norwegian court acquitted them. The strange thing is that Madeliene Rodriguez has served her time, but in Bolivia everyone is tried together, and as the man behind this network keeps appealing, the only one serving time is still waiting for her verdict to be confirmed. At the moment no one can tell when she is getting out.

Norwegian media also spent a lot of time on Joshua French and Tjostolv Moland. The two Norwegian men were sentenced to death for murder and espionage in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The espionage charges seemed made up, and it is possible they didn’t kill their own driver, but it is also clear that they were not as innocent as many believed. Media didn’t really dig for information before a video surfaced showing the “Rambo business” the two former soldiers were running. They were selling a sort of “Rambo in the jungle-experience”, and I think this video changed most people’s perception. This may not have been a couple of innocent Norwegians being wrongly accused in a country with no justice for white men, but that was the version media was trying to sell for a long time.

This is a news story from Fox that shows what many people apparently haven’t given much thought. A mother discovered that the woman who killed her daughter while driving drunk was on a hottest women in prison list. If you type that into a search engine you get a lot of those lists, but like the mother said in the interview with Fox, they are there for a reason. Some people seem to think that beauitiful women don’t deserve to go to prison. I have had a feeling for a long time that our culture is falling deeper and deeper into moral decline, and it may be a sign of that when men look at a photo of a beautiful woman, and knowing she has done something wrong and that there are families in a lot of pain because of her actions, they can  only admire her good looks..

In The Wizard of Oz the wicked witches are from east and west, while Glinda the good witch is of course from the north, and we never do anything wrong up here. We may joke about it, but that seems to be the message from an early age. In many of the TV series for children and teenagers being smart is concidered boring, bad people are ugly, and only the most attractive people have fun.

Arkansas woman’s attractive mugshot earns her nickname Prison Bae


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