Boring cucumbers

I went a whole year without watching or reading news from mainstrem media. I didn’t even read the two biggest newspapers, which are practically the only ones left that offer some free online content now. That doesn’t mean I wasn’t updated because it’s impossible to avoid news completely, and I still watched/read alternative sources.

I have read more in recent months, but it has only reminded me of why I decided to take a long break. I have been quite critical, but in all fairness it has to be a challenge producing quality when the owners move you to the back burner, and their main focus is dividends, but I am getting tired of reading newspapers and watching the news. This could be worse than a few people getting bored. When papers run the same stories more and more people might conclude that we have more papers than we need. After all, there’s no counterbalance.

I may have had unreasonable expectations to media, and as most people seem to be satisfied, it is possible that I am the one that has changed, and not media, but I don’t have any expectations anymore. When I pick up a paper at the doctor’s office, or some other waiting room, I don’t expect to find an article that makes me say: Wow! I have to buy a copy because I really want to read that again.

It’s like going to the store and they want to sell me everything except what I came there for. I asked for jeans; not for socks, tie, shirt and belt. I suppose my need for reading all the other stories before I can get to the useful information isn’t there anymore. It’s almost a week since the killings in Nice, but we are still getting a lot of stories that appeal  more to our emotions than our need for genuine information. We will probably be served a lot of nonsense about Turkey for a long time as well.

Summer is often referred to as cucumber season because of the many strange headlines, while the English have their silly season. No matter what name you choose it would appear that it’s not limited to summer.


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