The sheep syndrome

Donald & SpongeBob painted in an underpass
I was never a fan of Donald, but this one is at least harmless

Narcissist, loser, arrogant, weak, dishonest, liar, dangerous, ignorant, idiot. These are just a few of the many words used to describe Donald Trump, and just to make it easier for everyone we can use many of the same words to describe Hillary Clinton and media as well. That’s very thoughtful of them as many of us have a limited vocabulary.

I did an experiment a while back. It wasn’t meant as an experiment, but it turned out to be one anyway. I didn’t watch, listen to or read mainstream news for almost a year. I used alternative sites and I concluded I didn’t miss mainstream.

There is a tendency to follow the crowd.  I still don’t pay much attention to the news. Most national radio stations in Norway have three minutes of news every hour and that gives me most of the big national and international headlines. There’s been an awful lot of Donald Trump this weekend. There’s always been people criticising Trump, but the bandwagon appears to have been rather crowded this weekend. It’s suddenly popular and safe enough for everyone to join.

I do have one favourite. Someone shared a story about a more than a hundred year old woman, and she was determined to live a few weeks longer so that she could choose not to vote for Trump. I think she deserved a better alternative.

The timing is interesting. There is another TV debate between the two candidates tonight and there’s been a rumour about a possible leak revealing a side of Hillary Clinton she wants to hide. There is only one story that gets attention at the moment because media has no agenda. They just want to help us make decisions based on the honest truth.

In this case you couldn’t go wrong if you criticised Trump, but his opponent is hardly a saint. It wouldn’t be politics if we didn’t get shit flying in both directions, so it wouldn’t surprise me if some of Hillary’s mails surfaced out of the blue. The question is whether the content would surprise anyone. Many were willing to vote for Trump before this weekend after all, and it’s not because they thought he was a decent sort.


3 thoughts on “The sheep syndrome

  1. Did you see the debates? That priceless line: “you’d be in jail.” More like WW wrestling than a presidential debate. What we call a debate now-a-days…..Lincoln and Douglas would roll over in their graves if they could have heard/seen last night’s circus. As I saw somewhere…….”Crazed clowns roaming the streets, corrupt billionaires running for president…where the heck is Batman?”

    1. I didn’t watch the debate. I think it was three in the morning when it started, and it would have to be something really special for me to do that. Wrestling and political circus are just two of many forms of entertainment that don’t fascinate me. It would have been a different matter if Netflix Norway would let me have a Star Trek marathon. US politics does have some unusual aspects that would be worth studying, however. It’s not like anything you see anywhere else, but this election seems to be new even to Americans.

      I just happened to visit one of the Norwegian online papers yesterday when they were broadcasting Trump’s “the day after” speech, and I was surprised to hear how far he went. He described Hill & Bill as predators, and even though there may be books he can refer to to support his accusation, it sounds risky.
      There seems to be just more people jumping on the bandwagon. I keep getting stories from mainstream media. The latest that showed up in my Facebook feed was an old interview with Trump fom New Zealand. He basically said that he shouldn’t be president because he loved beautiful women more than the rest. I guess they assume that Hillary has a lot more respect for women and/or low income voters.

  2. I didn’t watch it either, as I think this whole so-called “election process” is nothing but an ugly, tragic, farce. However, I had friends calling me the next morning with details, and so I had to watch some of the truly memorable moments. It is worth watching. But a bit unnerving. Trump’s description of them is accurate, but to say what he is said is mind-blowing. He is turning on his own class, and they are known to be vindictive. Most of this election stuff between the two seemed more a sad, ridiculous joke, like he was putting on an elaborate performance or it was some kind of game or bizarre reality show. But this last debate seemed different. I don’t think he’s playing. I think he is dead serious. And the looks on the Clintons’ faces seem to confirm that. As for what happens next…..I dread it no matter what it is. Can’t see a good outcome for any of it.

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