Whiny time

The Wild Hunt that supposedly haunted pagans stayed with us for a long time. A painting by Nikolai Arbo (1831-1892)
The Wild Hunt that supposedly haunted pagans stayed with us for a long time.A painting by Nikolai Arbo (1831-1892).
Wikimedia Commons

It’s that part of the year again, the part of the year when we whine about that evil American party known as Halloween. Many whine because we are forgetting our own traditions, and there’s an assumption that someone has done this to us. Someone stole Christmas, Easter, All Saints Day and other traditions we have claimed. This is called diversity. We are not alone anymore!

It’s bad enough to listen to the general whining, the Norwegians that say this isn’t a Norwegian tradition even though they don’t know what that is. It is possibly worse with atheists crying like babies about how Christians stole their pagan traditions, but no one is going to stop you from having a bonfire for winter solstice or celebrate the harvest. I wrote a post about it last year on a debate forum the biggest Christian newspaper in Norway runs, and I remember a man that was upset because we didn’t give dead loved ones and saints our undivided attention. He went on about satanism, occultism and druid human sacrifices. I guess if you go far enough back you can find the worst, darkest human behaviour, but that doesn’t mean it has to be about zombies, vampires, Jason, Michael Myers, Freddy Krueger, Norman Bates and other characters. I watched some of these films in my teens, but most of them bored me.

It’s just about having fun and we might try something new this year. The Swiss witch loves sugar and high fructose corn syrup, so in instead of letting my daughter eat all that poison she is going to trade. The Swiss witch will give her a toy if she gives the witch some of her candy. I know it’s shocking for a Christian talking about witches, but then again the Church has a history of talking about witches.

Incidentally, I may write about ethics soon. Have you reflected on how miserably we all fail if we are expected to be saints? What good will it do to take public tranportation instead of driving my own car if I ignore injustice right in front of me. That’s sort of the “fair trade extra light” coffee that the Coop-stores in Norway sell. They don’t get enough, so they sell a mix that contains three percent fair trade coffee. I guess we are not completely unfair.

I considered writing about Halloween, but realised I covered most of it last year. I recommend The country with no culture where I also explain the photo. In a few weeks many will be bringing santas and goblins out from wherever they store Christmas the rest of year. It wouldn’t be the same if we removed everything that wasn’t from the Bible or if we had to consider everyone else before our own family. That could be an interesting post.

The country with no culture


2 thoughts on “Whiny time

  1. I never noticed anyone whining about Halloween before, especially not for the reasons you outlined. That’s an interesting take. Also, I have never seen considered spelled the way you do in all my life haha. Which English is that? I know spellings do sometimes change depending on country.

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