Ain’t the way I heard it

I took this photo with my cell phone on February 10th 2014. I believe it's Jupiter next to our Moon. I hope we get there some day.
The Moon and Jupiter

We’ve had an incredible autumn, and after a lousy summer we have had long periods without any clouds since August. It’s typical that the rain showed up again just as we are getting a supermoon, which is a full moon in its closest possible position to Earth.

This is not an unusual phenomenon, but the Moon hasn’t been this close to Earth since 1948. I’m not suggesting that the Moon has some supernatural effect on us, but this particular supermoon reminds us of a weird coincidence.

1948 was also an election year and the newspaper Chicago Herald Tribune made a remarkable blunder. Polls were relatively new as a tool for predicting a winner in an election, but it had been done long enough for there to be a tough competition. The most known companies were Gallup, Roper and Crossley. They had been accurate in 1936, 1940 and 1944, but things didn’t go quite as expected in 1948. Gallup called Dewey as the winner with 50 percent, while Truman had 44 percent and two other candidates got the remaining 6 percent. The actual result was almost exactly reversed. Truman had 50 percent, Dewey 45 and the other candidates got 5 percent of the votes.

The result was just as shocking to Americans as Trump’s victory this year. Everybody expected an easy victory for the Republicans, so Chicago Tribune didn’t think it took a risk by printing the result early. This would probably have been forgotten if someone had not taken a picture that would become quite iconic. It shows Truman smiling to the camera while reading that famous edition of Chicago Tribune. He supposedly said Ain’t the way I heard it.

Trump could be an interesting choice. He is not the candidate the political and financial elite wanted. It may not happen, but this could be an opportunity for the people to take some of the power back. This reminds me of Occupy Wall Street, and Donald Trump has possibilities for real change. There are of course many disturbing sides of the president elect, but what matters is action. Trump is a business man that passionately presents a simple message. He has to deliver of course, but Congress needs to let him if he intends to do some good.


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