Mainstream media banned from Facebook

A Norwegian newspaper with photo from Trump's inauguration.: "From today it will be America first." This didn't start with Trump.
A Norwegian newspaper: “From today it will be America first.” This didn’t start with Trump.

I am not an American and I can’t see myself voting for Donald Trump if I could. I wouldn’t have voted for Hillary Clinton either as she was an even worse choice, but I would have voted. I am not defending Donald Trump, but I find the strong anti-Trump sentiments quite disturbing. It’s like the journalists are in the middle of a dirty divorce where they besmirch the other party with any means possible. Dignity is clearly not an option.

There was a photo in Norwegian newspapers yesterday where they wanted to show how many people attended the inauguration in 2009 compared to this year, and they were clearly pleased to announce this as an humiliation. Trump was also criticised for the cake, he was ridiculed for his first dance as president, and anyone with a Twitter-account showed a remarkable interest in politics. There has also been women demonstrating in the USA and Britain today. Imagine if we could show the same indignation and willingness to speak out against injustice that didn’t affect ourselves.

Many didn’t protest against NATO’s warfare in Iraq, Libya and Syria before it became fashionable. Let’s face it, most of us conform to the custom because if we are the first to criticise our own government, we know the risk of public condemnation and being called unpatriotic or a traitor is very high. I don’t know what kind of a president Trump will be. He could be as bad as many say, but not long ago Obama was considered to be a much worse president than George Bush had been. The latter had been viewed as a really bad president, but when Obama failed to fix everything, the seemingly helpless man from Texas was suddenly back as one of the best in US history.

I am sure that Donald Trump’s comments about women didn’t help, but his extreme unpopularity could have just as much to do with an alleged link to Russia, and to President Putin personally. There has been some development on that story, and if mainstream media don’t report on it, one wonders if everyone from CNN to Washington Post will be kicked out of Facebook for reporting fake news, or failing to report real news.

The claim that Russia hacked The Democratic Convention and the election could have been a bait, and if it was the press swallowed it. I thought it sounded suspicious from the start because we are not talking about an inept intelligence agency (KGB). If other countries can cover their tracks we have to assume that Russia has that capability too. That seems to be an opinion John McAfee holds as well. He has looked at the IP addresses FBI included as an appendix in the report on the DNC-attack, and he concluded that the majority of the addresses came from all over the world, which means they faked their locations. That’s something anyone could have done, and it would have been easy for skilled hackers to make it look like the Russians did it. Read about in on

The former British ambassador to Uzbekistan, Craig Murray, had an interesting post where he commented Obama’s last press conference. It sounds like President Obama said that the DNC mails were leaked and not hacked. It has to be said that Murray is an associate of Julian Assange, but his claim in this story from Mail Online, that the mails were handed over to him by a Democratic whistleblower is nevertheless interesting.The newspaper is naturally skeptic, as it should be, but compared to what John McAfee said it is worth considering this information.

It’s a question of asking the correct questions. I have mentioned in previous posts that things rarely just happen in politics. If we had known everything it would be obvious, but I think we know enough to be a little hesitant at least. Let’s look at it this way: Who would benefit if Russia was isolated?

I am not a big believer in conspiracy theories, but if I ask myself, what if all the Syrians defending their president have a point? What if many think that Assad is the right man for the job of reforming Syria? NATO seems unwilling to even consider a solution that includes the present regime. Could there be another reason for wanting Assad gone? I am just speculating, but there is no doubt that Russia has strengthened their position in Western-Asia. There is also the Qatar-Turkey natural gas pipeline. One route from Qatar to Turkey is through Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Syria. This pipeline could then be connected to another pipeline that supplies Europe as well as Turkey. Syria said no because that pipeline could damage their relationship with Russia, the largest supplier of natural gas to Europe. Assad had every right to oppose this pipeline, but that seems to be when the trouble started.

Incidentally, my own country exports oil and natural gas to Europe, and we have a border to Russia. I think it’s safe to say that it’s not about doing the right thing, no matter who we vote for in our election in September. It’s more about money than helping people. These are strong words when I don’t have evidence, but this seems like a good place to start looking for a reason to tear a country a part.

New markets for Qatari gas without Al Assad


5 thoughts on “Mainstream media banned from Facebook

  1. So enjoying these articles on US election, the media, and the new president. I love your “It’s like the journalists are in the middle of a dirty divorce where they besmirch the other party with any means possible.” What a vivid and apt metaphor!

    As far as ridiculing the president, it has become an unsavory tradition of the last couple decades anyway, to ridicule the president, whoever he may be, in the most uncivil manner possible. However, as you said, it is not merely ridicule (which every president gets a taste of), but rather the obsessive, frightening demonisation of this man. Granted, there are things about his temperment, personality, and rhetoric that are alarming….the response to him by media is far more alarming.

    The US government has long had a tradition of imposing regime change in other nations…..and what I see happening in the US right now looks suspiciously and alarmingly like the very tactics the CIA has used in so many other nations. This is how democratically elected presidents/prime ministers, etc. are rendered “illegitimate” in the eyes of the international community. It happened in Syria, Argentina, Honduras, Ukraine….and the list goes on. Now, we see it here. Frankly, I believe that is the explanation for what is happening in the US right now. Granted, there are people quite upset, for a whole variety of reasons, pertaining to the outcome of the election. But the media is positively terrifying people to the point of hysteria.

    As far as the “women’s march,” though I support the right of anyone to free speech and peaceful protest…… a woman, I find these marches, embarrassing.

    We western women march in righteous indignation about the comments of a presidential candidate (now president) in which he brags about grabbing our genitals………..

    …………..yet, we same western women remained silent while our government, led by a president who allegedly supported women, and a female secretary of state……..who presided over arms sales of a magnitude unseen since WWII….arms sales to countries that oppress and terrorize and mutilate women and girls…arms used to devastate their country’s infrastructure and leave them at the mercy of barbarian, merciless hordes. We were silent.

    We were silent and did not march when it was revealed that the female presidential candidate accepted massive donations from regimes that are notorious human rights violators…and the most restrictive of women’s rights.

    We were silent when the US and its western allies converged on the government of Syria to overthrow it, to unseat a president who was striving to modernize his country, a country where women did not have to wear burka’s or veils or even head scarves unless they chose to.

    ….why didn’t we march and protest and speak out for our sisters in Syria, Honduras, Yemen, Somalia, Sudan, Libya, Iraq, etc???

    We march for the violated sensibilities and indignation of western women……but are silently complicit in the rape, murder, and mutilation, slavery of black and brown women in non-western countries.

    ….So, in my politically incorrect view….if we western women are going to silently endorse the above……I think we should just shut up about the crude braggings of what a male politician may or may not have done.

    And we won’t even talk about how we didn’t march on D.C. when President Clinton was accused of sexual assault………

    This is why I am NOT a feminist.
    a “useful idiot”
    to undermine a legitimate, though controversial president.

    (Sorry, John, I got on a roll….. πŸ™‚

  2. Must add edit:

    I had just watched Madonna’s “performance” at the protest in D.C. and Ashley Judd’s “nasty woman” rant when I typed the words “refuse to be a useful idiot.”

    “Useful idiot” is an unkind designation that does not apply to all women who participated in the march. However, I feel it does apply quite accurately to foul-mouthed celebrities who spoke violently.

    So, that statement should read: “refuse to be USED.” Because I truly do think that every woman, man, and child, regardless of their intents, was being used at this march.

  3. Can’t wait to read the new post! πŸ™‚ As far as why no one talked about Bill Clinton’s sexual assault escapades, I think it is to do with the political schizophrenia of Americans. If one is a Democrat, then one must rabidly defend the actions of Democratic presidents and leaders. They can do no wrong. Even if they betray every thing that their supporters voted for them for, they must be defended, excused, and their failures and disasters blamed on sinister plots by the other party.

    This works the same when one identifies as a Republican (or conservative); you must rail against a Democratic president when he indulges in unconstitutional executive orders, or otherwise eviscerates the constitution……..but when a Republican does the same thing, he is Captain America doing what is necessary to protect and secure us. But when the other guy does…tyranny!

    This hypocritical, crazed dynamic is partly why nothing ever really gets better in the US. We will tolerate abominable policies out of Washington as long as “our party” is the one in perceived power.

    It is really not so different from the dynamic of street gangs: Crips & Bloods, that will attack someone simply because they are wearing a different color. The criminal activities of the gangs are basically the same, but hey, if it’s “our gang” whatever the guys wearing our color does is totally cool. Actually, Jesse Ventura wrote a book titled something like, “Democrips & Rebloodlicans” describing how both parties are merely political gangs and I think addresses some of the dynamic mentioned above.

    I belong to neither, or any outlier party….something like belonging to the tribe of the tribe-less, but everyone else seems committed to assigning one to a tribe whether one likes it or not. Leading up to the election, if one questioned Hillary Clinton, then you were accused of being for Trump. If you questioned or had doubts about Trump, then you must be supporting Clinton.

    Most Americans seem to have lost the ability to think in any form beyond this false dichotomy.

    Yes, there are troubling things about the new administration, and I expect more troubling things in the near future. As for the bill you mentioned……not necessarily a bad thing. Certainly would make things interesting wouldn’t it? Just surprised it was introduced, though.

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