The senseless march

I don’t follow many people on Facebook. I follow various news outlets, science and astronomy sites, and Merriam Webster Dictionary. I get a lot of information from Facebook, and one of the interesting little facts comes from Merriam Webster. The news coverage of the women’s march on Washington made many search for the word feminism, so that word became a trend on this American dictionary. What is feminism? That is a good question as many feminists don’t seem to care about the big issues at all.

Let’s take a quick peak at a few of the big ones. Child brides are a problem all over the world. This is a video by the secular, feminist organization KAFA from Lebanon. This is a stunt with actors they did about a year ago to focus on the fact that the law allows this:

It is important to note that this isn’t about Islam. According to UNICEF there are 700 million women alive today that were married as children. This is not about religion, but about patriarchy. The organization CARE has a list of 26 countries where girls are more likely to marry before they turn 18 than to go to school. In Tanzania with a more than 60 percent Christian population, 37 percent of girls are married before 18, and in the Christian country Ethiopia 41 percent of girls marry before turning 18 years, while only 11 percent are enrolled in secondary school. Read the whole list here. I don’t like Islam because it advocates attacking people that don’t share your views, but we have to separate between the culture and customs of a country and the religion.

Acid attack is also by many associated with Muslim men, but this has just as much to do with patriarchy as child brides. This is a video about acid attacks in India:

What about America? This headline from Washington Post says it all: For women in America, equality is still an illusion. I could also mention poverty and the figures the unemployment rate doesn’t mention. There are many people all over the world, mostly women, that want to work more hours than they do. There are also many that want to enter the job market, but they eventually give up. There are still major race issues, forced evictions, corporate accountability, and the whole health debate. I am thinking about writing about how the whole system is designed to make us sick. Many talk about the elite, and the people making money from hospitals and medicine don’t make money if we are healthy. But that will be another post.

These are some issues we could have been talking about all our lives. We didn’t need to wait for Trump, and it’s interesting that after Trump won the election, we still didn’t talk about “the other women.” It’s all about us. Incidentally, did you have a feeling that Trump had a lot of corporation people on his team? This article from Fortune describes a similar story with Obama. I haven’t even mentioned preemptive strike and how that is working, or not working. So what is going on? Are we just being used by people with an agenda?

One wonders when when the feminists are going to discover that they are not alone. They do have strong allies if only they would help these other women. I usually write a post for the women’s liberation day in March. This year I will write about the women that NASA forgot.


2 thoughts on “The senseless march

  1. Nice post, with a provocative headline!

    Yes, there are many issues we can be and should be talking about. Sadly, though, it seems to me that the most important issues never seem to come up often.

    That is one of the things that annoy and perplex me now about the march and the protests. Why NOW? NOW we are talking about racism? Sexism? Inequality? But so many swallowed the feel good numbers from the media about how the economy “recovered” and how the president created so many jobs, that they could not or would not acknowledge the rising socio-economic disparities (racially disproportent, of course) and growing inequality. But now, with President Trump in office, we can talk about them again, and bemoan and bewail how he will make it all worse. As if inequality did not exist between Jan. 20, 2009 and Jan. 19, 2017. Like Jan. 19 was the last day of Utopia and Jan. 20 the first day of a dystopian nightmare. (note: it’s been dystopian since well before Jan. 20 2009)

    As for feminism….I really don’t know what it is supposed to actually be. I just know that what it is now repels me. It is like we women are supposed to be as crude, rude, vulgar and pushy as the worst traits that manifest in males, the ones many women consider “neanderthal.” That is called “girl power” or “p***y power” now days. So if women gather in large marches and protests, are loud, obnoxious, vulgar, and threatening, that is “empowering?” Please….bring me a barf bag.

    Real empowerment looks different. Sounds different. Is different. One woman in Washington who is a good model is Congresswoman from Hawaii, Tulsi Gabbard. During the Presidential campaign, when she realized the DNC was manipulating the primaries to favor Hillary Clinton, she resigned from the DNC, endorsed Bernie Sanders, and was the only Democrat in Congress to go to Trump Tower to meet with PEOTUS about Syria. Recently, she went to Syria on a fact finding mission along with another black sheep Democrat to meet with actual Syrian people on the ground to assess the situation first hand. She has gotten nothing but attacks, ridicule, slander from her party, the media, and the miserable excuse for the “left” in America.

    Though I don’t agree with her on everything, I admire and respect her for her integrity, her commitment to seeking out the truth, her willingness to seek peace, and her willingness to be vilified and demonized for taking an unpopular stand on hard, controversial issues.

    While Madonna and Co. profaned, threatened (and probably grabbed their own crotches), and left a mound of trash in their wake in D.C., Congresswoman Gabbard was meeting with Syrian women who had been raped, tortured, starved, and robbed of freedom, opportunities, education, and healthcare, and watched their loved ones die or suffer similar fates partly due to U.S. foreign policy.

    Wonder how many Western women (if given an all expense paid trip) would go on a Women’s March/Protest to Syria to protest our nation’s policies in this nation?

    Bet there would be a lot of empty seats……and Madonna, Cher, Ashley Judd, or her Highness, Hillary Clinton would be nowhere in sight.

    I’ll shut up, now, as this is not my blog and I have met non- PC rant quota of the day. 🙂

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