Trump brings out the worst in us

I have used the odd one out for autism. It may be a strange choice for Trump, but maybe the odd one out is needed is politics as well.
I have used the odd one out for autism. It may be a strange choice for Trump, but maybe the odd one out is needed in politics as well.

President Trump continues to dominate the news for all the wrong reasons, and both newspapers and scholars are debating the likelihood of impeachment at the moment. His political enemies want that as well. It’s not likely to happen if the charges have something to do with his business empire or his alleged ties to other governments, but denying people from specific countries entry to the USA sounds illegal.

Donald Trump could be the first president to be impeached, and it’s interesting that the first one would have been Richard Nixon, if he had not resigned. Watergate wasn’t the worst he did because he also expanded the Vietnam War to Cambodia and sabotaged peace talks in 1968. The tragedy is that he was the last New Deal-president. It is entirely possible that Trump is nothing but words, but during his campaign he promised to spend $ 1 trillion on infrastructure like roads and bridges. He may even mean it, but after very expensive bailouts and wars it probably doesn’t matter how much he wants it. I fear it’s much too late for a new “new deal.” One wonders if an impeachment is much too late as well because if the sitting president has more power to act without Congress it is because it has been allowed under the last four presidents. I am especially saddened by Trump’s failures because he could have done some good, and we need it right now.

Emmanuel Saez, professor of economics at Berkeley pointed out in Striking it richer: The Evolution of Top Incomes in the United States that the 1 percent richest in the USA captured 95 percent of the income gains the first three years of the recovery, which was Obama’s first term. It’s not that obvious to me that the problems started with Trump.

I’ll be the first to admit that Donald Trump is a bizarre and ridiculous character, and that he keeps supplying his enemies with ammunition. He has insulted and abused people left and right, and apparently it’s pay back time now. It must be hard to resist the temptation and by the look of it no one wants to try. Some have stated that Trump is a sociopath and that he has narcissistic personality disorder. Media even targeted Trump’s 10 year old son claiming he had autism, and after the inauguration quite a few people had decided that Melania Trump needed to be liberated. Everyone from talk show hosts to politicians join in on the new slam Trump sport.

Donald Trump is emotional, impulsive, a bully and an abuser. It’s hard to detect any positive qualities, and it may be surprising that I find the anti-Trump sentiments disturbing, but this looks like bullying to me. I know he has to accept a lot of this kind of attention as a public figure and as a state leader, especially as he is the same sort himself, but this seems to be more than a little exaggerated. Most of the people slamming Trump claim to be better than that, but I don’t see that they are. This started long before he won the election and it hasn’t been about honesty for a long time. I think this situation can teach us something on a personal level as well. I have a feeling no one would accept being treated the way we seem to think it’s right to treat the president. Yes, by all means, criticize and oppose wrongdoing, but sometimes conformity is not a bad idea, and the good old decency shouldn’t go out of fashion.


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