The would-be strongman

A Norwegian newspaper with photo from Trump's inauguration.:
If he succeeds with his goals many are probably goingto feel that he was their president.

# He will not divide us. # Not my president. If I have to explain who I’m talking about you haven’t been on planet Earth for a while, but on the other hand the people using these tags seem to be living in a different reality.

Many want to impeach President Trump. Let’s consider what the Vice President would have to deal with.

US presidents usually inherit a problem. It was the Vietnam War for Kennedy, Nixon and Ford, while Reagan had to deal with inflation and Obama a major financial crisis. Trump inherited a debt of almost $ 20 trillion. The number is so high I don’t know what it is, but check for yourself at US National Debt I don’t know whether Trump really means what he says, but he talks like he wants to be the people’s president. He seems to want to be a new deal-president and take power from the elite and give it to the majority. The problem is that with the enormous debt I don’t think he will succeed.

Imagine if the states were asked to pay the federal debt. States like North and South Dakota, Minnesota, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Maine, Wyoming, Wisconsin have a debt to GDP ratio of 5-15 percent while it’s 105 percent for the whole union. Do you think the people in these states are going to feel it’s fair that they have to pay? There has been some talk of secession in states like California, Texas and Florida.The majority of the mentioned states have a border to Canada. I doubt very much whether states will be allowed to leave the union, but if they have to find new allies Canada isn’t a bad choice.

Trump has also inherited a very dangerous world. NATO’s actions in Libya, the richest country in Africa at the time, can only be referred to as a coup. The situation is still very dramatic in Afghanistan and Iraq, and Reuters quoted Dawlat Waziri, spokesperson for the Afghan Defense Ministry yesterday saying that they would welcome more international troops. As for  Syria it’s hard to see why it was necessary to replace the regime. What we have seen since 9/11 is a very aggressive stance against Arab countries. George Bush had preemptive strike and the Obama administration followed up with a tendency to support Sunni Muslim terrorists and a drone program that seems to be unchecked.

It remains to be seen what kind of legacy Obama leaves behind, but I have a feeling it looks better now than it really is. Obama urged people to drink more water, but what are they going to do when they can’t afford water (as happened in Detroit in 2014 when the city turned off the water if you didn’t pay the bill) or when there is too much lead in it? The water in Flint, Michigan had a high content of lead, but Obama said they’d be fine in the long run. The problem is bigger than Flint because according to CNN 5 300 water systems in the USA are in violation of lead rules.

I have said this before and I’ll say it again, I am worried about some of the people on Trump’s team, but he has a chance of doing some good. A Norwegian pundit, Hanne Nabintu Herland, has some interesting suggestions about Libya. Read Could Muammar Gadaffi’s son Saif al-Islam Solve the Libya Crisis?  He doesn’t sound like a demon at all. In fact, he sounds like the kind of Muslims we should be working with.

Many have accused Trump of being a strongman and implied that he is a dictator. That probably wouldn’t be a bad thing if he was strong in the right places. The question is whether he will be allowed to.


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