The second divorce

I wrote the shortest post on my Norwegian blog about a month before Christmas. I always have problems with the headline and the one I usually choose aren’t exactly getting people’s attention. I succeeded doing just that in December last year with a very misleading headline. I announced that I was getting a divorce.

It was rather amusing to me, but it would have been more correct to say that my blog was getting a divorce. I had decided to keep the posts on autism and nonverbal learning disorder on the original blog, and move the rest to a new one. It was interesting to read the statistics that day. I usually get less than ten hits on a new post the first day, but some posts are read regularly for several years, so it can take a while before I know what people think about the text. This particular post had unusually many hits the first day, and I suspect it was the headline people were curious about.

I am still not getting a divorce, but my English blog is. Autism and nonverbal learning disorder have decided to move out. I created a new home for them at More than NLD. I will continue writing about anything that interests me on this blog, while the focus on my new blog will be independence  and AS/NLD.


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