The Kick Butt(owski) President

Dropping bombs on someone to prove that you’re willing to drop bombs on someone is just about the worst reason to use force.
President Obama from an interview in The Atlantic.

Have you ever had a feeling that news and politics were fake, that they were one of of many narrations available? I hope you have because it is probably true.

There were a lot of things about the US attack on a Syrian military base about a  week ago that didn’t make any sense. First of all it didn’t make any sense that the Syrian regime supported by Russia would do it when they were about to win. They were winning the war against ISIS/the rebels, and they were winning NATO over as well. The Trump administration had just announced that they saw President Assad as a part of the solution, which is the opposite of what Obama has said during the whole war. I don’t think the Russian or Syrian leaders are stupid. They knew the significance of Trump’s statement and they probably knew there would be people on Trump’s team that wanted an excuse.

I don’t know who provided the evidence of chemical weapons this time, but the Al Qaida afiliated White Helmets have done it in the past, and it’s not evidence any of us would accept. This is a video from Swedish Doctors for Human Rights. Warning! There are some disturbing images here:

If the child on the video was alive this was murder, and the cause of death wasn’t chemical weapons. This happened before the latest chemical attack, and I think it goes back to 2015, but it still raises some valid questions. If the USA have evidence they should present them. The Norwegian pundit Hanne Nabintu Herland has written about this, and I refer to her acrticle for more information.

There are certain obvious signs that will show you that chemical weapons have been used. I googled it and looked at photos. That was seriously bad, and I understand why media don’t want to show them, but that is also problematic. It’s not MSM job to make us feel good. They have to tell us the truth so that we can do our jobs in our local democracy. The news reports I have seen from the latest attack claim that they can’t show those kinds of images because they are too disturbing, and so we are left with deciding whether or not to believe the NATO-supported rebels (around 1000 groups with very different agendas) and MSM.

I have to say, after seeing democracy being promoted in Afghanistan, Egypt, Libya, Iraq and on its 7th year in Syria (and not in Saudi Arabia) for some reason I am not entirely convinced. Not that Assad and Putin are innocent angels bringing good tidings to all men. I have a few things to say about them as well, but I have this thing about truth. We should be telling the truth. The way democracy works is roughly this. Politicians make decisions on our behalf, while MSM inform us what the politicians have done on our behalf and what they are planning to do. Then we can give our political leaders some feed back. It may be a simplistic and naive way of looking at it, but I think this covers the basic intention. So when someone says something like this: Trust me, I know what I’m doing or it’s urgent and I don’t have time to inform you (MSM), parliament or the UN, I wonder what just happened.

It’s interesting to note that when Trump ordered the attack Russia received several hours warning, giving them time to move equipment. You may remember that a Turkish F-16 shot down a Russian bomber in November 2015. Russia stationed a very advanced defense system called S-400 Growler, which can track 300 targets and intercept as high as 90 000 feet. It wasn’t that it didn’t work. It wasn’t used. It will be interesting to see how this develops, and if the truth ever gets out, it might have some surprises. Like I said, politics is a narration, and this story looks staged.

That doesn’t mean there are no dangers. Only a truly crazy man like Hitler would start a war. Most of the time war happens accidentally, and a misunderstanding or human error could trigger something. It almost happened several times during the cold war (1960’s and 1970’s). Not really a good time to have a US president many say is unpredictable. But faking it works. The stories of ties to Russia are gone and suddenly many see the Donald as presidential because kicking butt feels good. Donald is a daredevil, at least for a while.

I encourage people to try alternative media, but remember that there are no people without an agenda. Some have the best intentions, but they sometimes take short cuts in their effort to get the truth out. That could do more harm because it’s hard to trust them. Politicians in Congress like to label RT as a Russian propaganda machine, and I have no doubt that this network want Russia to look good, but when I compare it to other networks it doesn’t look bad.

Swedish Doctors for Human Rights is probably not without an agenda either, but the informatin they have presented is interesting. It makes me wonder why no one else wants to even debate this. It could be that White Helmets, although having ties to Al Qaida, is someone NATO have chosen as an ally in Syria. It’s not about getting the truth out. It’s about being on the winning team.


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