Assumed socialism

red rose
Norwegian Labour has a red rose for a symbol, but in reality it isn’t red at all.

Having lived my whole life in socialist Norway I suppose I should be a big supporter of the ideology, and in a way I am. I don’t think there are any democratic parties that come closer to creating a fair society. Unfortunately, Labour hasn’t made any sense in decades.

It seems like Labour has gone through a similar development in Norway and Britain, which means that they haven’t offered an alternative to the Conservatives. Labour in both countries have had a period where the political colour was purple at best, but they are seemingly shifting towards red again. I remain skeptical for many reasons, and it’s not just about the war crimes they are guilty of, or the poor people they have failed. It’s also about mixed messages. The problem with most truly left wing politicians is that they tend to support anything anti-American, even when these regimes are harmful to its own citizens.

Britain just had an election where some seem to think that Jeremy Corbyn was very successful. This is election year in Norway too, and at the moment Labour is expected to return to power after four years of a Conservative coalition. Just like Jeremy Corbyn the leader of the Norwegian Labour Party has promised old-fashioned socialism, or rather a return to socialism. I’m not sure what Labour in any country really want, but they tend to be just as two faced as the rest of the bunch.

I understand solidarity, but why do we have to show solidarity to regimes just because they are supposedly socialist or anti-American? I find it especially disturbing when someone like Jeremy Corbyn is getting closer to real power. He supported the IRA during the 1980’s and 90’s. He once called Hamas and Hezbollah friends. but was later forced to retract that support. He has admitted to being paid for appearances on Press TV, an Iranian station that is banned in the UK. He has expressed admiration for the way Hugo Chavez ran Venezuela, or the way Castro brothers have governed Cuba. Labour’s approach to Palestine could be compared to the one many socialists have to Latin-America. That means supporting people that are pro-Palestine, even if that means supporting Jewish prejudices. There is a big difference between being anti-Israel and anti-Jewish. Labour may pretend to be better than the Conservatives, but this makes me wonder how true that is.

I have mentioned Jeremy Corbyn, but I could just as well have made this post about Jonas Gahr Støre, who took over from Jens Stoltenberg when he became General Secretary of NATO. The election in September will be Støre’s first as the leader of Labour. He has basically pulled a Trump because his message is that Labour will make Norway believe in what we used to be good at. In other words, he wants to make Norway great again, and the goal seems to be to convince us that life has never been harder. We need Labour to get back on our feet again. According to the polls it seems to be working. This is how you win elections. You convince enough people that something is at stake, and that the consequences of making the wrong choice will be dire.

I have often wondered how people can change their minds every time someone from a polling agency asks them what they are going to vote, but I guess the “vote for us or else-tactics” explains s lot. I would be willing to go along with it if socialism was about equal opportunities, but it clearly isn’t. When socialists support, or at the very least, don’t criticize despots, doesn’t that tell us something about how sincere they really are? They may still be better than a government that doesn’t pretend to help the majority, but I don’t like liars.

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