Push back

We have been bullied and pushed around the whole time since we moved to the municipality of Meløy in Nordland county in Norway two years ago. The school nurse couldn’t wait a few days for our daughter’s medical journal to be sent from the place we moved from.

The nurse was also a foster mother and probably felt she couldn’t report us to The Child Welfare Service, so she had a doctor enter highly questionable speculation into our daughters medical records in September 2012. They implied that my wife neglected our daughter, but the oposite, münchausen by proxy, has also been lurking in the bckground. We didn’t know about it until another doctor reported us to The Child Welfare Service in February 2013. This report was based on the entry to the journal made 6 months earlier. One of the problems in this remote community is that it’s hard to get doctors to stay, so the municipality rely on substitute doctor that stay for a few weeks. As a result we’ve had about 15 doctors since we moved here, and there was a danger we’d be reported every time a new doctor read my daughter’s journal. That was in fact what happened in February 2013. Without examining the child the doctor jumped to conclusions.

We’ve been fighting with the Department of Health and Child Protective Services in Meløy ever since. The nurse admitted she was the source and admitted to lying about it when we confronted her. The doctor that put these false allegations into the journal promised in November 2013 to correct it because he agreed with us that the child was very healthy, and that we did a good job.

It took 24 hours to make this mistake and 20 months after the entry, and 15 months from the time we addressed it, to correct it.

When the people involved refused to do the right thing I notified the mayor about what was going on. I think everyone from the nurse to the mayor should be ashamed of themselves. I’m very relieved that this is finally over, but this could have ended badly.

Our daughter has atypical autism, multiple learning disabilities, fine and gross motor skills delays, and in spite of having followed all the advice ever given to us by experts, putting her on a gluten free, casein free diet, a multivitamin, omega 3s, and vitamin B12 (these supplements have been proven to improve the brain functioning of autistic children), we have still been accused of being neglectful parents. It’s only luck that our daughter hasn’t been removed yet and we live in constant terror of it.

I suspect many children don’t get the diagnose they are supposed to have. There are in fact many cases where The Child Welfare Service ignore testresult, diagnoses and treatment given by GP’s and specialists (such as a neurologist). All progress is lost when the child is removed, and the child often regress as well.

There are many families that are being targeted, bullied and pushed around. I’m a peaceful man, but I’m going to push back now. I express myself best in writing, so this blog is where I’ll do the fighting. My blog doesn’t have a specific theme. I write on a number of different topic, but I’ll link to entries on family matters  here.

The Paternity Leave (posted 4. June 2014)
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