Read 2016

I started to challenge myself to read more books last year. I love to read, but it’s pretty demanding. I read very slowly and I need to read nonfiction books several times to have get any benefit from them at all, and if I don’t, I am not likely to remember much or understand what I just read. So it’s very time-consuming. This challenge started in 2015 when my daughter participated in the local library’s annual Bookworm, where all the 3rd to 7th graders in town are challenged to read 30 books between mid January and mid May.

I took the opportunity to challenge myself during the same period and it was a tremendous success. I didn’t read 30 books, but managed 22, which was more than I had read in years. I have started a few books in recent years, but couldn’t find the motivation to complete them. My daughter is trying to be a book worm this year too, but I am going to challenge myself through the whole year. There is not point is setting a specific goal. The point isn’t to read as many books as possible, but to enjoy and learn from them. After all, I didn’t see it as a failure last year when I was 8 books short.  I like to ponder on the book before I start a new one, so there are limits to how many i can read. It’s still useful to have a goal, something to strive for, and I think I can manage 50 books this year.

The Planets
The first book i read this year was a delicious presentation of our solar system. One of the things it touches is a dwarf it’s easy to be enthusiastic about. Pluto is seen as small, inadequate and so different from the others that can we can easily ignore it. Pluto is exciting!

Much to gain from psychiatry
Life can be hard. Some are tired, while others feel dead inside without being able to point out what and why it happened, and still others experience indescribable greef. Some have more serious conditions such as depression and suicidal thoughts, personality disorders, and even psychosis.

There is still a lot of shame attached to mental illness, which makes the situation worse for people that are already ill. It shouldn’t be like this. We should talk about it and accept that this is reality for some people. In fact, quite a few people. The numbers in Norway are probably typical and a third of the population will experience some sort of mental illness during their lifetime. Mental illness doesn’t discriminate. It can happen to you too. This is a book that informs and demolishes some of the myths that complicate matters for many youngsters.